Position statement of the Association des Charron et Ducharme inc.

 On the origin of our ancestor Catherine Pillard


Our association brings together the descendants of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard who were married in Montreal on October 19, 1665, and  subsequently gave birth to 12 children (4 sons and 8 girls), from which sprang an impressive number of descendants spread throughout North America.

Needless to say, we are very much interested in the origin and the lives of these pioneers. Since Pierre Charron was from Meaux, we conducted in-depth research in the archives of Seine-et-Marne where the city is located. This research added two centuries to the history of our family and led to the publication of a volume in 2009[1]. We also feel the same interest about everything that concerns Catherine Pillard.

While it was admitted up to now that Catherine was a King's Daughter from La Rochelle[2], new information has raised a doubt about that. With this text, we intend to provide an update on the issue and present the position that the association has adopted after three years of reflection and research.

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