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All Charrons and Ducharmes, as well as anyone interested in these families can joim our association. Do it now and learn what you have always wanted to know about our ancestors. Your support helps us to continue researching them!

50% of our members reside in Québec, 15% in the rest of Canada, and 35% in the United States spread across half of the states. To promote the participation of the greatest number of persons, the annual dues are maintained at the lowest possible level.

Rates effective: 

  • one year subscription: 20 $ (CA and US)
  • two year subscription: 35 $ (CA and US)

Since May 14, 2016, the subscription coincides with the calendar year, So all subscriptions currently in force are extended until 31 December of the year when they were complete normally (2016, 2017 etc.). The end date of new subscriptions or renewals is set in the same way as at 31 December 2017, 2018 etc.). For questions about your membership, contact the registrar-treasurer (see page "Contact")

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