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It is with sadness that we learned of the death of our friend and colleague Émile Ducharme in Montréal on October 9. Émile was a founding member of the Association des Charron et Ducharme. The unveiling of the plaque in Meaux on September 17, 2011, has been one of the pleasures that I shared with Émile Ducharme and his niece Marie-Nicole Ducharme who accompanied him.

Émile is the dean of our board of directors, since he has just celebrated last month his 93th birthday, having been born in 1920. Émile was the 2nd of the 6 children of Antonio Ducharme and Henriette Legendre, that were married in Québec City January 23, 1917. To complete this short biography, let’s specify that Émile first married Marguerite Tardif, June 19, 1943, and second Irène Fournier, June 25, 1971. A career policeman, Émile occupied lieutenant’s rank with the City of Montreal police forces.

JF Cop Emile DucharmeEndowed of a remarkable energy, our colleague Émile added numerous implications to his professional activities. Without even thinking of being exhaustive, I would recall that he distinguished himself notably at the municipal level (mayor of Lambton), at the trade union level and at the genealogical level, most important to us of course.

Our colleague started his genealogical research on the Ducharme families more than 50 years ago. Useless to say that tools of research and means of communication that are ours today didn’t yet exist at that time. It is therefore one by one, by a fierce work implying the consultation of the parochial registers and archives and the use of the good old mail, that he collected and documented information on the Ducharme families in North America. Informations that he shared generously with its correspondents and with readers of le Trait d’Union.

Émile Ducharme was one of the firsts to work to the creation of a Charron and Ducharme Family Association, idea of which he made the promotion as soon as the seventies. No surprise he was elected vice-president of our association at the time of its founding in 1993, and that he was part of our board almost every year until 2010. This exceptional implication decided the board to designate our research funds under the name of Fonds de recherches Émile Ducharme.

On behalf of the members of our board, it is therefore with gratitude, that I pay him homage, since he symbolizes to the highest point the two qualities of the members of our families, fierté et ténacité (the pride and the tenacity).

Pierre Ducharme et Denis Charron

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