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Our association published several books from 1993 to 2019, in paper or digital format. These books are now out of print. However, most of our digital publications can be consulted free of charge online on the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ) website, like all the issues of Trait d'union published from 1993 to 2021. See the text “The end of a great adventure» for more details.

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Les familles Charron de Meaux et les familles alliées - Actes et contrats des XVe, XVIe et XVIIe siècles

This 362-page book published in 2009 includes 73 acts and contracts relating to our Charron de Meaux ancestors, from 1481 to 1685, fully reproduced and transcribed. They result from research carried out in the departmental archives of Seine-et-Marne. An exceptional document !

Authors : Pierre Ducharme and Jean François Viel

© Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. 2009

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Pierre Charron et Catherine Pillard. Leurs vies; leur famille (1635-1717)

This 104-page book, published in 2019, covers in chronological order each of the stages in the life of this founding couple, from the birth of Pierre Charron in Meaux in 1635, to the death of Catherine Pillard in 1717, via Montréal , Contrecoeur and Longueuil.

All civil status or notarial documents concerning them have been analyzed from the originals and are presented, summarized and commented on, with several illustrations. To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive work published to date on our ancestors. It is of course addressed to their direct descendants, but also to all those who are interested in this couple.

Author : Pierre Ducharme

© Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. 2019

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François Charron dit Ducharme et Marguerite Piette.
Leurs vies, leur famille (1678-1761).

Author : Pierre Ducharme

This small 44-page book published in 2019, with a historical as well as a genealogical component, is designed on the same model as the previous book. This couple, it should be remembered, is the origin of the name Ducharme carried today by a large number of members of our families. François and Marguerite gave birth to a large number of descendants: as of January 31, 2019, out of 13 generations, there are 12,961 descendants, who had 8,449 spouses. For two centuries, official documents almost indifferently name them Charron, Charron dit Ducharme, or Ducharme, sometimes in the same text. By the end of the 19th century, almost all had abandoned the original patronymic or the double patronymic, to use only the nickname.

© Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. 2019

Livre - 4

Descendance de Pierre Charron et
Catherine Pillard 1665-2018

Authors : Micheline Charron and Pierre Ducharme. Prodction by: Denis Charron

From 2008 to 2015, our association published four genealogical dictionaries, each one relating to the descent of one of the four sons of our ancestors, that is Pierre, Nicolas, François and Jean. This 2018 book updates these publications and consolidates them into a single volume of over 3,600 pages. Too large and too expensive, the electronic format was preferred to the paper format.

© Association des Charron et Ducharme inc. 2018

Bulletin le Trait d'union

Our association published 79 issues of the Trait d'union from 1993 to 2021: dozens of articles on nearly two thousand pages, containing a lot of information very often unpublished. They are all available online at BAnQ.

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